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International Journal of Dental Anthropology
No. 13. Published in July 2008 (ISSN 0124-7336)
Copyright © 2008 Syllaba Press
The Influence of Height and Weight on the Prevalence of Dental Caries Among College Students, India.
A. Mathur, N. Surana, S. Jain, M. Jain, B. Goutham, D. Prabu, S. Kulkarni
| Abstract | On-line access | ID: ijda00046 |
An Accuracy of Four Methods of Age Estimation from Panoramic Radiographs.
B. Rai
| Abstract | On-line access | ID: ijda00047 |
Presencia de Reborde Distal Accesorio en Caninos Provenientes de Dos Sitios Arqueológicos Pre-Agroalfaréros de Cuba.
C. Gallego
| Abstract | On-line access | ID: ijda00048 |
The Archaeology of Dental Corrosion.
| Abstract | On-line access | ID: ijda00049 |
Occurrence of Cusp 7 (Metaconulid) in Permanent Lower First Molars - Report of 4 Cases and Review of Literature.
N.B. Nagaveni
| Abstract | On-line access | ID: ijda00050 |

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